The Prostrating Man

I had come to attend a workshop at the College of Science and Technology in Phuentsholing. After a busy day’s work, I was relaxing in my room at the guest house when Dechen suddenly barged in.“Oye, Pema. Quick, quick! My guest has arrived!” she said.Dechen was a lovely young woman who was one of theContinue reading “The Prostrating Man”

A Strange Reason

We have a small portion of land that has been left fallow for centuries in the heart of our village called Khangma, the Broken Land. No one touches this land, which the locals believe, belongs to a powerful demon residing nearby in a rocky precipice called Gudorong Brak.One evening, two peasants, father and daughter walkedContinue reading “A Strange Reason”

A Preview of the Hereafter

I know this sounds absurd if not insane, but I died five years ago. Should you, my good readers, believe a dying man (I am seventy now), by your grace, I will tell you my story— That dreadful night, the last of all those bedridden ones, I lay wide awake at midnight. The moon hadContinue reading “A Preview of the Hereafter”