A Strange Reason

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com

We have a small portion of land that has been left fallow for centuries in the heart of our village called Khangma, the Broken Land. No one touches this land, which the locals believe, belongs to a powerful demon residing nearby in a rocky precipice called Gudorong Brak.
One evening, two peasants, father and daughter walked home after a hard day’s work in their field, which shared the border with the dreaded land belonging to the demon. When the father and daughter reached home, the daughter suddenly fell on the doorstep and died on the spot.
Soon the local priest and the relatives were summoned. While the priest recited prayers and performed the ritual for the dead, his face changed all of a sudden. Something dark possessed the priest and he cackled and made terrifying noises and grimaces and finally said: I am the one called the Gudorong demon! I survive on drinking seven ladles of blood a day. Anyone who encroaches into my territory will meet the same fate as this dead woman.”
The father felt a pang of guilt because he had tilled the field a little further into the demon’s land.
“But you could have taken my life. Why my daughter?” he blurted out.
“I could have finished you easily as well,” the demon said. “I spared you only because you were smoking.”

This is a true story and the dreaded land in Khangma remains untouched to this day.

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